West Valley Early Learning Center

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Staff Directory



   Last Name    First Name    email
   Andrews    Dan   Special Service  Director/Principal email
   Klein    Dena   Director of instructional Support ECEAP Director TOSA email
   Hennessy    Terri   Head/Special Services Secretary email
   Kuipers    Brenda   Building Secretary email


Last Name    First Name    Title    eMail   
Adams   Melissa   SpEd Paraeducator      
Atacador   Meilani   Occupational Therapist   email  
Baptist   Maura   Occupational Therapist      
Beauchamp   Janice   Sped Paraeducator   email   
Bevacqua   Angie   ECEAP Assistant      
Clark   Alison   Special Education Teacher   email   
Collins   Kathy   Full Day ECEAP Lead   email   
Fielder   Lauren   ECEAP Family Service Coordinator      
Foster   Christina   ECEAP Lead      
Gibbons   Carey   Special Education Teacher      
Grageda   Remedios   ECEAP Assistant      
Grandinetti   Melissa   SpEd Paraeducator      
House   Amy   ECEAP Family Service Specialist      
Jones   Ann   SpEd Paraeducator      
Korff   April   SpEd Paraeducator      
Krueger   Karen   Physical Therapist      
Marro   Teresa   ECEAP Lead   email   
Miles   Deven   ECEAP Assistant      
McHenry   Katie   Speech Therapy Assistant      
Runge   Kari   ECEAP Assistant      
Sarah   Sounders   Psychologist      
Statler   Duane   Custodian       
 Yost    Alyssa    Speech Language Pathologist