West Valley Early Learning Center

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Coronavirus Precautions


We want to update you about our precautions around Novel Coronavirus.  We continue to work with the Spokane Regional Health Department for the most current information.  They are not advising cancellation of events as they do not feel there is significant risk for K-12 to warrant cancellation. There are no reported cases of the virus in the Spokane Region.  

Steps we have taken to mitigate the spread of germs;

  • High touch areas are given extra attention (sanitizing light switches, door knobs, drinking fountains, etc.)
  • Posters have been placed around the schools reminding students and staff to wash their hands often
  • Staff members have been briefed about symptoms of the virus and what to watch for
  • Information specific to Novel Coronavirus has been sent to all staff and all parents/guardians
  • It is recommended that students and staff with cold and flu like symptoms stay home

We will continue to monitor the situation and obtain the most current information from the Spokane Regional Health District and share pertinent information as it becomes available.  You can learn more about Novel Coronavirus at the Health District website or by clicking here.